Hearty Tidings

5 Tips For Healthier Teeth & Gums

Most of us do not think much of our oral health until we get into trouble. Luckily, there are actually simple everyday tricks to help you avoid those problems before they arise. By eating and cleaning the teeth right before you build the most common dental problems, which usually gets worse with age, and increases your chances of a healthy mouth for life.

Want to avoid costly and unpleasant dental problems? Here are five simple everyday tricks to help you keep your mouth healthy throughout life.

Floss daily

The vast majority is skilled at brushing their teeth and do it twice a day which keeps the visible parts of teeth clean. The problems arise because we often leave out cleaning between teeth. To floss daily reduces not only the risk of tooth decay, it is also an effective way to remove plaque that otherwise can cause inflammation of the gums.

Regular dental visits

Not many people go to the dentist for pleasure and often you go there first when you have problems with your teeth. It’s smarter┬áto go to the dentist and dental hygienist to avoid problems rather than fix them. An annual visit to both the dentist and dental hygienist will help you keep your teeth clean, even in places where you have difficulty reaching. It also helps discover problems earlier, before beginning to suffer from them, and before they require expensive interventions.

Eat the right food

The food that you eat can affect your entire health and teeth is of course no exception. Sugar, for example, which is the favorite food for oral bacteria as they break down the sugar forms an acid in the mouth that damages the enamel and causes tooth decay. Sweet and acidic drinks like soda and juice are especially bad because the acid in the drink itself also corrodes the teeth. Our saliva neutralizes the acid and therefore it is good to eat food that must be chewed properly because it increases saliva production.

Eat properly

For your saliva will have a chance to neutralize the acid that eats holes in the teeth it needs time to work. Therefore, you should avoid snacking because it triggers acid production and do not give your mouth time to recover. Trying to eat regularly and only three times a day is good for your dental health. You can also chew sugarless gum after meals to help saliva production and accelerate the neutralization of acids

Quit smoking and snuffing

Snuffs and cigarettes affects your mouth in several ways. Many notice that it results to discolored teeth and your breath gets worse. In addition, studies have shown a clear link between tobacco and oral cancer. Both snuff and cigarettes also have a negative impact on the gums. Smokers are for instance three to five times as likely to suffer from periodontal disease.

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