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How To Keep Your Nails Clean

Dirt and accumulation of bacteria can cause weakening of the cuticles

If there is a complement of our look that is becoming more relevant these are undoubtedly our nails, so we focus all our efforts on taking care of them and try to make them as clean as possible. However, cleaning the nails is not something that we should only take into account to show off a simple aesthetic appearance, but also because of the health of our cuticles, since dirty nails can provoke infections that weaken the strength with It grows and stays, causing a widespread tendency, brittle nails. Cleaning the nails effectively is not overly complicated, but if you need some advice if you want to do it fast and optimally, such as the use of cuticle-specific cleansers, which you can get through the offers on nail treatments of ideal beauty in some nail salons nearby. Here’s how to get your nails clean and perfect, so read on and point everything out, so your cuticles look shiny, sharp and bright.

Remove dirt

The hands are in contact with numerous objects and places throughout the day, and the fingernails usually accumulate easily in their interior the dirt that can be in these locations, so the fundamental thing is to eliminate the most notorious dirt as soon as possible. To do this, insert the finer and longer part of the nail clippers under the tips of your nails and remove any dirt and grime. Never do this step after washing your hands, as removing dirt with wet hands will be more difficult. You can also utilize a toothbrush to clean the nails and remove the remains of dirt, reaching all corners.

Wash with soap

Once you have eliminated most of the dirt accumulated under the nails, you can wash them with a non-aggressive soap, to finish removing the most difficult dirt without causing your nails to become brittle. Try soap that does not include alcohol and is especially suitable for nails. In addition to washing your nails with soap, you can also choose to clean them with hydrogen peroxide to make them bleached, as the hydrogen peroxide causes instant cleaning and whitening. The water with which you rinse your nails should not be too hot or too cold, but warm.

Polish surface

We have already removed the bulk of the dirt on our nails, but it is likely that even the top surface is somewhat dirty, especially if you have nail polishes or some manicure. It is usually advisable not to apply an enamel more than two weeks, because although these products are typically nail-friendly, in some cases overuse can lead to more of a problem. A good alternative to remove dirt from the enamel and therefore to polish the surface is usually to make use of a toothpaste bleaching, as applying a few drops and letting it act for 3 or 5 minutes, rubbing it later this will remove the dirt. Hydrogen peroxide or a particular cleanser can also help. Now if you want to have your nails be cleaned in a salon you can search online and use the keywords nail salon near me.

These are the main tips you can follow to clean your nails, but we also recommend that after cleaning cleansing apply a moisturizing cream as well as a cuticle-strengthening supplement, such as biotin, that will allow your nails to grow and stay strong.

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