Hearty Tidings

Tips For A Healthier Complexion

Have you always been dreaming of having a healthier complexion? Here are some tips to give you that healthy glow!

Give yourself a massage

A facial massage can brighten up tired and gray skin. Facial massage is great in Asia and many Japanese claim that it is the secret of their porcelain skin. Knead moderately hard, it will certainly not hurt, and work through the entire face with fingertips and knuckles. The increased blood flow makes the skin fresh and rosy. Take the opportunity to massage when you rub your face.

Sleep with an extra pillow

Eliminate swollen and puffy eyes in the morning simply by adjusting your sleeping position. Pile up with a few extra pillows so that you sleep with your head in a higher position. It reduces water retention around the eyes. Want to wake up extra fresh? Cold cucumber slices and use bags of chamomile tea are classics that suppresses the swelling.

Check your shower routine

Sweat can clog bacteria and cause acne on the body. Back and chest tend to be particularly vulnerable areas. Showering immediately after exercise is a simple solution.Make sure to wipe your face before you exercise. Also, always remember to remove makeup before going to bed.

Beware of hair products

Pimples and impurities may be due to remnants of old conditioner and styling products. Oils and chemicals in hair products can irritate, clog and cause acne. Make sure you always rinse out the conditioner thoroughly and use facial cleanser that lasts.

Drink water

You don’t need to drink gallons, but you make sure you are not dehydrated as it also dries out your skin. Water is always preferable to other drinks and tap water is fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Cut down on sweets

Studies show that fast carbohydrates such as white bread, soft drinks and candy can cause acne and also make it worse.

Be patient

Have you recently changed skin cream and waiting for the results? New skin care routine requires time and patience. It takes at least a couple of weeks for your skin to adapt and innovate.

Use your fingers

Best makeup tools are your own fingers. Apply foundation with your fingers and you get a flawless finish. The heat of your fingers melts the foundation into the skin in a natural way and the result is even.

Calm down

Stress results in more clogged pores which can result to acne. Chronic sleep deprivation also starts a chain reaction in which the regeneration of the skin decreases, resulting in skin dryness. Massage and hot baths triggers the feel-good hormones melatonin and oxytocin, thereby making your skin more beautiful.

Wearing the right color

Skin looks tired and dull? Color of clothes, makes you look more alert out. Pink gives such skin a warm tone and a color, scientifically proven, appealing to both men and women.

Stop smoking

Seriously, now is the time to stop this bad habit. Besides all the devastating effects, the skin becomes wrinkled, gray and patchy.

Eat good fat!

Including healthy fats, like avocado and nuts in your diet is a great way to keep your skin soft and smooth.

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